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Ctrl.Biz is the product arm for Armentum and MPress is the very first product! Our team of 31 has extensive experience working on the WordPress platform and also with publishers both large and small.

MPress’ mission is empower publishers to amplify reach and increase revenue by leveraging the mobile platform. Even with the widespread use of smartphones, most publishers remain web first. Some have mobile friendly sites but most do not have their own native apps. The reason for this is typically the cost associated with building out an independent mobile app. We do not charge you anything for Creating and customizing the App to suit your requirements which helps in getting the App off the ground and onto the App Stores for both iOS and Android stores with no cost. The Ad-revenue will shared with us for the duration of the partnership.

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Going mobile is Inevitable & Profitable

There is no doubt that you will go to mobile platform. The only question is when? And we believe the sooner, the better.