Quick answers to the most common questions.

  1. I’ve a WordPress website with user login, will that be converted to mobile app?

    User Login is a feature that we are looking to launch in the coming release! You should have the ability to do so in Q1, 2019.

  2. Will pages outside of blog categories show up on the app?

    To keep a clean and native user experience, we mainly pull in the blogging information into the mobile app. If you are looking to pull in some other pages, our team is happy to work with you on that.

  3. Will plugins on my WordPress website work on my mobile app?

    These are part of the product roadmap and we will be sharing the list of plugins to share shortly.

  4. Who will maintain my mobile apps against any data breaches and threats?

    We do not hold any information and only pull information from the WordPress RESTAPI. Therefore, it is up to the team that manages your server when it comes to data breaches and threats.

Going mobile is Inevitable & Profitable

There is no doubt that you will go to mobile platform. The only question is when? And we believe the sooner, the better.