Quick answers to the most common questions.

  1. Why MPress and a Mobile App?

    In one word - Money! Ad-Blockers are taking away 23% of your revenue from your pocket. To get the exact number, compare the page views in your Google Analytics and page views in your Google AdSense.

    Getting a mobile app also allows you to directly reach out to your user via push notifications as well. This added engagement, increases page views and in turn increasing your revenue. .

  2. What exactly do I get with in a mobile app?

    Below are the features that are included

    • Native mobile app for iOS & Android
    • Your own logo, icon, launch screen
    • App Store Publishing
    • Unlimited App downloads
    • Push Notifications (via OneSignal)
    • Ongoing updates and maintenance
    • Mobile App Analytics (via Flurry Analytics)
    • Email Support
    • Phone Support*
    • Publish on your own accounts Mobile ads (Admob, Facebook, Mopub, DFP)*

    Coming in November, 2018

    • A Progressive Web App (PWA) for iOS& Android!

    *These two features are part of the paid plan.

  3. Okay, I sold - what will it cost me?

    Ideally, what it costs you to run MPress should always be less than you make from it! To ensure that happens, we have two pricing plans: A Sponsored Plan and White-Label Plan.

    The Sponsored plan has a one-time setup fee of a $100. After that, we split the incoming ad-revenue 50/50. More details about the plan below.

    The White-Label Plan has a recurring $100/month fee and you earn all the ad-revenue from it. More details about the plan below. There are no setup fee in the Whitelabel Plan.

  4. How long does it take to setup?

    You will be up and running within 7 to 10 days.

  5. What are the full details of the White-Label Plan?

    In the White-Label plan, you are paying a $100/month recurring fee. This plan is ideally for anyone who either

    • wants an ad-free experience for their mobile app
    • wants to customize their app from the generic MPress template
    • is going to generate more than $100/month in ad-revenue

    With this plan, you are able to select your own ad-network along with the placement of the ads. We are able to integrate most ad-networks that have a mobile SDK. Get in touch with our team at support@armentum.co if you have any specific questions about ad-networks.

  6. What is fine print with the “FREE” Sponsored Plan?

    You get a free app on Android and iOS App. there are two costs associated

    • One-Time Setup Fee
      • MPress takes a $100 to get your app up and running. If you are requesting any additional customizations, we may bill you for that.
    • Developer Account Setup
      • Apple Developer Account
        • You can sign up here and this goes directly to Apple. This is a $100/year subscription with Apple.
      • Google Play Console Account
        • You can sign up here. This costs $25 and is a one-time fee that goes directly to Google.

    That’s about it! Other then that there are no costs - only revenues. You can learn about how the ad-revenue split works below.

  7. How does the Ad-Revenue Split Work on the Sponsored Plan?

    We integrate either Media.net or Google AdSense within your mobile app. We send over the Earnings report at the end of each month (will be accessible via an online dashboard soon). If your share of the earnings has crossed the $100 minimum earnings threshold, we make a payout via PayPal on net 30 terms.

    To put that in context,

    If in Month 1, your mobile app generates $150 in total ad-revenue - your share of the earnings balance will be $75 (50% of the ad-revenue). There will no payout for Month 1 as it has not crossed the payments threshold.

    If in Month 2, your mobile app generates $160 in total ad-revenue - your total earnings balance will be $155 ($75 earnings balance from Month 1 and $80 earnings balance from this month). Your full earnings balance will be paid out to you within 30 days.

  8. How are payments made to me on the Sponsored Plan?

    We make payments via PayPal. We will get your PayPal information during the sign-up process.

  9. How do I pay for the White-Label Plan?

    We use Stripe as our payment processor. It accepts major payment processing networks such as MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

  10. Is my payment secure?

    We do not store any of your Debit/Credit card information. It securely stored and processed on Stripe. You can learn more about how it manages Security here.

  11. When will my payments be processed for White-Label Plan?

    MPress is subscription based service and your payment will be processed on the same date every period (monthly or yearly). For White-Label Plans, your first payment will on applied on the first day when your app is live on both the Android and iOS App Store.

  12. How do I cancel my White-Label subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your app will work until the date of payment and the app will stop working post then. We do not offer refunds and you can refer to our terms of services to learn more.

  13. Do you offer refunds for your White-Label Plan?

    We do not offer refunds on the plans. You can cancel your subscription at anytime and your app will continue working in the Android and iOS App Store until the end of the subscription date.

  14. Do I own the Mobile Code on the White-Label Plan?

    As MPress is a subscription service, MPress owns the mobile app code. You have the option of buying the entire app for a one-time payment of $9,499.

  15. How do I move forward and how long does it take?

    Expect about a 2 week on-boarding process from the time we get you the demo to the time the app launches into the Android and Apple App Store. In the Sponsored Plan, we should be able to get you up and running a bit quicker given that we have less customizations to do.

  16. How do you get access to my blogs?

    There are two ways we can do so.

    1. You can install the MPress plugin and this allows for a quick and fast connection with your mobile app. This will have a slightly faster response time compared to the second option and we consider this the preferred option.
    2. WordPress has a default open REST API for its instances. Unless you have chosen to close access to your REST API, we are able to pull in the relevant information such as your blogs and categories directly from here
  17. How do I send out Push Notifications through the application?

    We leverage (OneSignal) to send out mobile push notifications. Users who have opted-in for push notifications receive push notifications. User have the option of selecting the category for which they would like to receive a push notification.

  18. How does Analytics work?

    We leverage Flurry Analytics to get you statistics. Through Flurry, we are able to view get analytics on key parameters such as usage, install date, acquisition channel, and geography. In the standard MPress install, we have Analytics that track view by page. If there are any custom analytics that you would like our team to implement, we are happy to work with you on that.

  19. Is my data secure?

    Yes. We directly pull information from your MySQL data using the WordPress REST API. No data is stored anywhere other than you current WordPress Instance.

  20. Will I’ve a custom splash screen and icon for my mobile app?

    Yes, there is a customized splash screen along with an app icon of your choosing. We typically take your logo and make that into your app icon and also take the combination of your logo and tagline and make that the splash screen.
    We do 1 iteration on the Sponsored Plan and 5 iterations on the White-Label Plan.

  21. What If I’ve to change the splash screen, layout, or mobile app icons after some-time of signing up ?

    If you require to make any changes after launch, we will be charged on an hourly basis. Depending on the work, our hourly rates range between $50/hour to $75/hour.

  22. Will you provide both Android and iOS Application?

    Absolutely, Yes!

  23. What If I only want to go with either Android or iOS?

    You have the option of deploying to either Android, iOS, or both.

  24. Will the apps also work on Tablets and iPads?

    Yes, your users will be able to render the app on Tablets and iPads.

  25. Who will take care of my app store account and submission?

    We are happy to do this part for you!

  26. Who will pay for the setting up the developer account? Is that a part of pricing? Or paid separately?

    You pay Apple and/or Google directly for their respective developer account. You can learn more about Apple’s Developer Account here and Google’s Developer Account here. As of today, Apple charges $99/year for their developer account and Google charge $25 for a lifetime subscription.

  27. What control do you I have with ads on the White-Label Plan?

    You have FULL CONTROL on where you can place your ads on the White-Label Plan. You can either choose to have no ads and/or place them where you would like.

  28. What ad-networks can I integrate on the White-Label Plan?

    On the White-Label plan, we should be able to integrate most ad-networks that have a mobile SDK.

  29. What types of Ads will be featured on my app on the Sponsored Plan?

    • Good Old Banner Ads
      • These are the rectangles or square boxes that we have seen on websites from the 90s! While most people have “banner blindness” it continues to drive ad-revenue. More information about that here.
    • Interstitial Ads
      • Interstitial ads are full-screen ad formats covering the interface of an app and appearing at natural app transition such as going to a new article. Users have the option to skip the ad if they want. The main difference between a banner ad and an interstitial ad is that interstitial ads cover all the screen, and it makes it catchier and more effective. You can learn more here.

    As part of the product roadmap, we plan on integrating geolocation and Native Ads download the road as well.

  30. Do I have any control over the ads on my app on the Sponsored Plan?

    No. We follow standard ad-placement guidelines across all our Sponsored Plan apps to ensure that the placement is non-intrusive or one that negatively affects your brand. If you have specific suggestions, please email them to product@mpress.app.

  31. Where specifically are my ads placed on the Sponsored Plan?

    • We place ads in four places
    • We place a Mobile Banner Ad at the bottom of each page (320X50 Ad Unit)
    • We place a Mobile Rectangle Ad on each blog listings page (300X250 Ad Unit)
    • We place a Mobile Rectangle Ad on each blog detail page (300X250 Ad Unit)
    • We place a Interstitial Ad after each 5th page view

  32. Trick #1 Mobile Banner to Download App

    On the mobile website, a mobile banner can be placed for them to download the app.

  33. Trick #2 Mobile App Only Content

    Given that we already have so many apps on our phone, the second way we encourage you to entice your readers to download the app is by publishing Mobile App Only Content. This exclusivity should get people over the edge to download the application!

  34. Trick #3 Progressive Web Application (PWA)

    Going to the App-Store or Play Store and downloading the application increases friction. Both Apple and iOS devices allow users to download a PWA (you can learn more about it here). A PWA is a mobile website that a user can ‘download’ on their phone and get the feel and appearance of a mobile app. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are the perfect option for content publishers. MPress should be launching its PWA in October, 2018!

  35. Trick #4 Deferred Deep Linking

    An article on Business Insider Intelligence has done a very good job explaining deep linking. You can access it here. MPress should be launching Deferred Deep Linking within its product in Q4, 2018.

    Below is a short summary

    “Deep links are mobile links that operate much like hyperlinks, but instead of directing users to a web page, deep links send them to a specific screen within a mobile application”

Going mobile is Inevitable & Profitable

There is no doubt that you will go to mobile platform. The only question is when? And we believe the sooner, the better.